> i've seen ... to make a little money

i've seen ... to make a little money

2008-05-08 - jjackunrau

The previous post should not be taken as indicative of my mental health. I am capable of realizing that if this company wants me to teach children there are probably others that would not require such thing. I’m diversifying my options, not marrying the first girl I sleep with, all that jazz. This is the calming realization I had at work today. And it’s dumb of course but was something I didn’t alize the first time. So don’t worry, if you’re the type to. I’m not melting into a puddle quite as much as it may have sounded.

Plus I figured out my Dean Moriarty/Captain Ahab for the China book. Which feels really really good. I’d talk more about that now but I’ve had a couple of beers (thank you Reyn) and I want to get it down in fresh type in the morning. Clearly and unmuffled.

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