> the pain of an old wound

the pain of an old wound

2008-08-05 - jjackunrau

Alison’s wedding happened and was all dandied finely. Now they are not home and no one will be making huge amounts of stuff again until I’m not living here anymore.

I have never been inside the Yellow Dog Tavern. Between the ceremony and reception the Westgate 98 representatives (and SOs) were going to go there for a drink, but it was closed so we went to the King’s Head instead. This has happened every single time I’ve tried going to the Yellow Dog. I must never go there at a normal time or something. Though really, late afternoon on a Saturday shouldn’t be that odd.

At the reception I was seated at the Fight Club table with Kate and six people I didn’t know, but who I felt comfortable berating for their lack of enthusiasm in acting out Fight Club scenes (instead of tinkling glasses you were supposed to do a bit from your table’s movie, or some wedding pun stuff). Two of us did the “I want you to hit me as hard as you can” scene, which played well to my strengths of taking fake punches and dramatically falling over. I have been doing that shit for fifteen years.

We sang “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” to Alison, though since there was no DJ we had to do it a capella and the only one who knew any of the words was Sean. I think I won a Tshirt but Alison said she’d give it to me at home. And I haven’t seen her since Saturday. I made it clear to Aileen that buying a condo has in no way diminished my resolve to do our (oft-delayed) Trans-Siberian trip next year.

I was talking for a while to a girl who had lived in China and it was very strange and sad. She was all “Oh god, I love China so much and I hate everything that isn’t Chinese including my big ugly self. Why aren’t I 5’2” and Chinese?” I was just listening to her talk about how wonderful the Chinese people are and the Chinese culture and the Chinese history and all this stuff, while tossing in my occasional comment to show I did know what she was talking about. It’s not like I disagreed with anything she said, but I alternated between feeling bad for not loving China as much as she did and feeling really sorry for her overly Chinaphilic disposition. Feeling sorry because she was here and not there and it was causing her anguish. And it seemed to anguish for an imaginary paradise, or at least a China I never experienced.

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