> two reasons not to accept rides home

two reasons not to accept rides home

2007-04-18 - jjackunrau

I got to see a firetruck pull a Uturn jumping the meridian just past the whatever it’s called bridge on Osborne.

A guy I was passing in front of Great West Life asked me the time. He seemed unscary so I fished out my phone and told him it was 11:07. He replied with “Thanks. I guess I’ll see you over there on Friday.” We were passing the Legislature as he said this. Now, one of the things my mom always told me that I have no confirming evidence for is that the Legislature grounds is where gay men used to hang out and get the shit beaten out of them (not for their pleasure), so I wasn’t quite sure how to take his comment. He was a bit shorter than me, bald, with crazy demon ears and eyes a bit far apart. He didn’t seem to be propositioning me and he was very friendly for someone about to beat me half to death, so I just said “No, probably not.” It turned out he was talking about some thing to do with smoking weed, and went on to tell me how he’s smoked every day for the past 23 years. I commented on how the recent legal changes had been good for him and he went off on how he doesn’t touch anything else but weed, and maybe the occasional cigarette. And then we parted ways.