> fwoosh! they burst into flames!

fwoosh! they burst into flames!

2007-04-25 - jjackunrau

Yesterday I took the bus down to the U of M to drop off a job application. Yes, that’s right! I am getting more irons in combustible situations. One of those situations is with the Canadian Mennonite. Could I be their next National Correspondent? This unbiased observer (note: this unbiased observer is a completely biased participant) says, “Yes.”

Anyway, on the bus, the guy who sat next to me started talking to me, despite my headphones. A train was going by parallel to Pembina and he went on about these people he’d known who were good people who’d been killed by a big choo choo train and they didn’t have to worry any more (every time I’ve written that I’ve used “no more,” but that’s not what he said) ‘cause they were up in heaven with god. Then (because I didn’t punch him for talking to me?) he decided we were buddies and talked about the girl on the motorcycle next to the bus and how he was going to Wendy’s and he waved frantically at the guy in front of him to get out of his way. When he got off the bus, he said goodbye and then had to call out to the driver “Back door please!”