> rolling down a hill

rolling down a hill

2007-06-13 - jjackunrau

I’m sort of in a state of inbetweenishness right now. My interview with the Canadian Mennonite is next week and I’m quite hoping I get to be their National Correspondent, especially since MCC turned me down for the job that would have been travel-filled and cool (though situated in Pennsylvania).

The other day was ElliceFest, sort of a street fair kind of thing. It was really small but I wandered through while some rapper was going on about how Paris Hilton should be in jail. He tried to get a good crowd chant going, but not too many people were into it. I also watched a dad and his crying ten-year-old son interact. The dad was a big fat guy with a beard and the darkest pouchy rings under his eyes. His facial hair and weathered face made me think of some sort of goatlike nature spirit. He was a few steps in front of his son saying “Cry louder! Make sure everyone can see and hear you! Louder, louder! Come on, not enough people are looking!” Not yelling exactly, but not keeping his voice down either.

Today on my way to lunch with my mom I passed a guy who’s voice sounded like it was being squeezed out of a concertina as he said to another guy wandering by “My aren’t you the professional” before the both started laughing. The rhythm of his sentence built up and trailed off so quickly. It was odd.

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