> like the streets of the underhive

like the streets of the underhive

2007-06-14 - jjackunrau

Well, my life’s work is now complete. In KDE circles I am now immortalized as “Troy’s cousin who named us Gearheads” (as seen here). Do you not know what KDE is? Well, my idea of it is still kind of hazy (it’s Linux related and is part of Safari and is technical) but now I’m getting virtual high fives for making up a name for them. What a crazy world.

And what a crazy street Ellice is. Walking home from work I passed a couple of guys picking up cans of Molson Dry from a ruptured case in the middle of the road. Well, one was picking up beers. The other was yelling down the street at a woman about how she’d better get the fuck out of his turf and he’d kill her the next time she stepped in his hood. She in turn was mocking him for being such a gangster. And I shared a chuckle about it all with the pot-smoking fourteen year olds outside the pizza place.

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