> i guess it happens once a year

i guess it happens once a year

2007-11-06 - jjackunrau

This afternoon I was up in my room when the freaky little ice pellets started barraging the area. They were bouncing off the bathroom window making a racket that got me off my couch to investigate. And I looked out the window and felt like crying. Or maybe just puking. I really really really hate winter.

Before I left for work I hunted out my mittens in the basement. They were stuck in the pocket of my brown coat, which is my next step in the winter coat progression. Today the yellow leather jacket got removed from the rotation in favour of my Nepali coat. I felt bad about it. Poor little guy. I just got that jacket and now it won’t be worn for months.

One of the things that bothers me most about the weather is how much tension I carry in my upper back from walking outside. I have to huddle in on myself to keep any semblance of warmth going and that tenses me up into a clenched little claw of a person. There’s no holding my head up high, only stoopedness to give the outside world as little surface area as possible to steal heat from.

I really shouldn’t live in the city I do.

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