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2007-11-27 - jjackunrau

I read a fairly useless article about blogging this evening which had the following quote within it:

This, then, leads me to wonder whether bloggers are in-truth just sad and lonely people nobody cares about or listens to. Are they just lost souls who believe friendship, nay, intimacy can be found within a flickering computer screen?

Or just people who get bitten by dogs for no reason save winter madness?

I was walking to work this afternoon and at the intersection of Colony and Portage a yellowish Samoyed/Husky-style dog came bounding around the corner. People gave him a wide berth, being a large dog without a collar or an owner. He stopped in front of me while I looked at him, my hands in my coat pockets because it was ridiculous-cold out. Then he barked at me three times, chomped me on my right arm and ran off!

Needless to say I was stunned. Stunned and glad I was wearing lots of layers. I spent my shift of book-stacking analyzing the situation. It didn’t seem like a snarling angry dog, just an asshole who bit me for no reason. Did the dog think I was playing with him? Maybe, though my hands had still been in my pockets and he bit me hard enough to leave a (very very slight) bruise on my forearm. It was a bewildering thing to have happen.

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