> post-march employed? beats me

post-march employed? beats me

2008-01-24 - jjackunrau

I’m cold, though I shouldn’t be. It’s warming up around here. Up to -17 tomorrow I think. The mailman dropped off a package this morning and his face was so red I felt I could take a tiny hammer and with one little strike the entire frozen thing would fall into my hand. Obviously I didn’t approach him with a hammer, though when he left I told him to stay warm. He said he’d try.

On my walk through the sky to work the magician was suspended over Donald St. As I passed him he was talking to a homeless guy. It seemed he’d just shown him a trick for free and the guy was happy to see how it was done. I walked by vigorous handshaking and heard behind me the magician telling his patron(? audience? admirer) to stay warm. I didn’t hear how he’d try.

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