> things i saw between my house and work today

things i saw between my house and work today

2008-06-13 - jjackunrau

A stretch SUV limo with brand new high school grads leaning out the windows “Woo!”ing. This was followed directly by a pickup truck with an ATV in it. I hoped they were going to the same place.

A guy with black inflatable demon horns curling out the back of his bike helmet.

A dumbass kid who may or may not have been hit by a car. This was just by John M King school when it was letting out. The boy who was probably around 10ish ran across Ellice not at the lights. The east-bound car sort of swerved towards the sidewalk and stopped. I looked up to see the kid getting up from the street looking pretty sheepish. It didn’t look like the kid got hit at all, just freaked out but I didn’t have a very good view. The middle aged woman with two much smaller kids who was on the sidewalk grabbed her mouth and lunged for him, but he walked to the sidewalk fine. Then when the car opened up and the moustachioed driver got out the kid was sitting on the ground and started screaming holding his leg. There wasn’t any blood. People came out of the Youth Outreach office and the Vietnamese restaurant across the street because of his howling. By the time I was across Maryland a cop car was on the scene.

A heavily bearded man walking with his hand on his friend’s shoulder. The friend was walking about a full step ahead of beardy.

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