> i don't hate it here so much

i don't hate it here so much

2008-08-10 - jjackunrau

This morning I biked down to SWS to see how long it would take. Twenty minutes there, twenty five back. There was only the slightest breeze so I figure this is a good baseline. I also took two different routes to see if it made a difference. I was also riding my bike in a single gear, trying to see if I should make the switch over. My gears haven’t been in the best shape lately and something simpler with less maintenance to neglect might be a good idea. In any case, climbing the Arlington Bridge with a single gear sucks. Logan to Keewatin and the gentle underpass there seems to be my friend.

I think this might have been my first cycling of the summer. But now I know how long it takes and I figure I’ll bike to work at least for the rest of August to get my endurance up for hiking around trees and canyons in September. And then maybe in September since I’ll get back too late for a bus pass to make any economic sense. I probably won’t bike the whole winter though. And if I do I’m getting a shitty bike to do it with.

One thing I’m glad I’ve been doing since returning to Winnipeg is making more of the city my home. I felt this biking around today. Before I had my interview at SWS I doubt I’d ever been down Keewatin before. Back in the day my city was fairly narrowly defined as the affluent southwest parts. Moving in with Alison has been great because the whole central downtown feels a lot more like mine now. It’s not some big production to go downtown, it’s a fifteen minute walk I do all the time. I like that. These places north of the trainyards are a big part of our city too. SWS is next to a Filipino cultural centre and all the real estate agent signs say stuff like “Find your home, with a Filipino touch!” (This must count as one of the Things White People Like, right?) And you can often forget about that diversity when you’re a Tuxedo, River Heights, Charleswood kind of kid.

I’m trying to get into this city. To be part of my hometown. I think stuff like biking walking and bussing makes a difference in that. It makes you feel a bit more connected. I was hoping to make the Arlington Bridge part of my commute because of its history the Poor Choices song, but I think my legs and lungs will thank me for going around it. Especially in winter.

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