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and grace too

2008-08-14 - jjackunrau

On Tuesday I woke up knowing I had to be at work by 10am. From my bed I could see the sky and it was that low hanging kind of cloud. “Great,” I thought, “it must have rained all night. There will be puddles.” This was a concern because Tuesday was going to be my first time biking to work for reals. Puddles are a bit inconvenient especially when you’re riding old roads that are uneven enough to collect a lot of water (not like a nice freshly asphalted bikepath, say).

Then I got out of bed and saw it was still raining and I may have fallen to my knees gnashing my teeth. Why did this happen the first day I was going to ride my bike to work. It was all going to go so well, getting my legs and lungs all ready for hiking and shit in the forests and canyons of the Journey to the West. And I said “I guess I’ll take the bus.” I hung my head. Sad music played on the radio.

But! I realized what a slippery slope I was opening that can of worms on. If I just didn’t ride today because it was horribly wet, what happens the first day it’s windy? Or colder than I might like? What happens then? I’d then have a precedent for not biking and it would be much harder to drag my bike from the basement. No, I had to go on.

So I biked to work, quickly noticing I’ve never put fenders on my bike. So it didn’t take long to abandon myself to being soaked through. I had a change of clothes with me and by the end of my three hour shift everything but my feet had dried out so I could get all clad in my wet biking clothes to go home. I wonder if my runners will ever get dry.

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