> i'll need a bacta tank before i do this in real winter

i'll need a bacta tank before i do this in real winter

2008-11-07 - jjackunrau

If you pay attention to my Twitter feed, you’ll see I biked to work today. Last week Holly wrote a bit about biking on her blog. I commented and she commented back about me being nice about not rubbing Winnipeg-cold in her face. Allow me a moment of doing that now please. A winter storm warning continues for Winnipeg and the surrounding area today and I was all, “I said I’m biking this winter so I’m fucking well biking today.”

They do not call them good choices, these things I have made.

It’s only hovering around freezing, so the cold is not the problem. Getting to work, getting home, my waist up was toasty. Sweating from the effort a bit even. My legs were soaked through. It was worse coming home because there was more snow on the ground. I’d thought there wouldn’t be much accumulation when I left. Going to work at 4, the problem wasn’t the snow but the 50 gusting 70kmh headwind. When my weight was on my back tire because I’m fighting for every little bit of forward momentum the wind, which was just off from directly ahead, was blowing my front tire to the side, like I was sailing or something. It was hellish. I got to work and said “That is why I want a job I can walk to.”

Coming home, I had that wind at my back, which I needed because now there was maybe half an inch of snow on the sidewalk. I promised my coworkers and my mother I’d ride on the sidewalk, just in case I wiped out. The problem of course is that when you’re trailblazing through fresh snow, that’s when you wipe out. The whole way down Keewatin I was looking at the slightly snowy but mostly wet street from my wobbly slidey sidewalk. If I had been fighting the wind too I would have stopped and just cried. When i got the chance I took Logan and rode on the street where the cars had warmed things up so there was bare pavement, under all the puddles. But I had traction so hooray. And I was soaked within seconds. But it’s not that cold yet and the ride doesn’t take that long (only double m usual time today) so I wasn’t too worried about actual hypothermia. As I said, my torso was feeling fine. My gears were getting all gummed up with ice and I took it real easy the whole way. Which I wouldn’t have been able to do had I been facing that wind.

Anyway, it was a stupid thing to do. Tomorrow I’ll take the bus. Maybe for the rest of the winter. It felt good to do it once though. To have done it I guess. It was only about an hour of my day of horrible painful awfulness. It’s good to feel that once in a while. Under controlled circumstances like your own stupidity. I’m home and warm now.

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