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2009-02-11 - jjackunrau

On the bus I listened to a couple of teens talking about their drug use. And when I say “I listened to” I mean “the whole bus couldn’t help but listen to” (though you see how that would have used the word bus twice in four words and I couldn’t do that). About how when the girl was in grade 6 she thought pot was a slang term for coke, and how their friend did a whole lot of caps and stayed up all night and made a really bad first impression on one of their other friends and then had to go to work the next day. An enlightening few minutes in the lives of these kids.

And then last night when I was walking to the bus stop I dodged and ducked (and by “ducked” I mean “splashed right through as if I were a member of the family Anatidae because it was dark and I couldn’t spot every one perfectly”) huge puddles all down Keewatin. Just nasty things. And I managed to avoid getting soakingly splashed by any vehicles and in my head I rewrote the beginning to a short story I’m submitting to a magazine. The new beginning managed to stick with me the whole way home and I was grateful.

A shady looking guy knocked on my door today. He tried to say “Hey I know you from…” and I said “Nope.” And he said he was looking for his friend and he’d been told I was a source for some herb. I told him he was mistaken. He was all “Oh dude, he must have been upstairs, sorry.” Ten minutes later he was loitering in the stairwell and I asked if he could wait for his friend outside. His story shifted a few times about how he had keys and he pulled out his phone and pretended to talk to his friend, and I asked him to leave. Then I changed the keyless code for getting into the building.

So yes, now if you want to get in, you’ll have to buzz up. For me you just press 3 and I’ll let you in. If you aren’t there to pretend to buy drugs from me.

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