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talkin' law

2009-02-13 - jjackunrau

I just talked to a couple of detectives about the attempted break-in across the hall. Got to pick the guy who was in the stairwell from a pile of photos and everything. The detectives were telling me this guy seems to be the only one with his methodology working right now, though “Who knows?” the male said, “If he ends up teaching a class in jail we might get a bunch more down the line.” Evidently he’s got a good bunch of lies for the places he’s been burgling.

The male detective reminded me muchly of my Uncle Ron, who as I remember was once a police officer himself. This guy had the same kind of moustache and glasses, similar mannerisms too. I guess it’s just like how I’m obviously an artsy fart nerdy guy I was glad my Wu-Tang album had just finished a few minutes before they showed up.

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