> now i eat ice cream

now i eat ice cream

2009-02-14 - jjackunrau

Today was a payday so I engaged in my traditional circuit of going out to check the used bookshops and Imagine and the comic shop, though today because of my Amazon adventure I didn’t need to buy any books. Instead I stopped off at the U of W and gave CKUW some money for their Fundrive. Which felt nice and altruistic. I do like to give money to the people I procure cultural ephemera from when I can.

But to get there I walked down Ellice and spotted a great horde (3) of people clad in red getting on bicycles outside the Black Sheep Diner. It slowed me down; I thought they might be some sort of Festival du Voyageur group out for a delicious breakfast. I’d slowed down my walking though, and as the door to the Black Sheep opened I recognized a face inside. The decision to stop for breakfast then instead of getting lunch an hour or two later was made in two slowed steps and in I walked to find a table full of people I knew. Most had already eaten but the conversation was still going, so that was nice. I had a good omelette with goat cheese too. (The red clad cyclists had been in giving a singing telegram Valentine to the Diner as I understand it.)

So yeah, it felt community-ish (as I Tweeted when I got home) to walk into a place and find people I knew, and then to go and give money to community radio. One might think I was coming to terms with being a Winnipegger.

Then this afternoon I cut my hair. I’m not sure if you know this, but my mom is getting married next week and I figured I’ll look nicer if I look the way I do in my mind’s eye than the uncombed and bearded mess I’ve been over the winter. I’ll still be uncombed, but with a shave of the head and face it becomes difficult to tell.

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