> my socks are wet from puddles

my socks are wet from puddles

2010-03-11 - jjackunrau

Today’s moving of stuff went so well. Reyn and Steve were here helping and it all just happened. I’d been hoping to get the furniture I didn’t need off to the MCC furniture thrift store, and maybe move a shelf over to my new room. But Steve’s vehicle is a surprisingly good little hauler so we got stuff to MCC and all my boxes to Reyn’s in one trip apiece We didn’t lose any fingers, didn’t wreck any vehicles and had time for lunch before people had to go to work. Way to go, day. You were a good one.

Of course the annual thaw puddle/lake in front of the building has started up. I really wish that could have held off until the money for the condo was in my hand, but whatever. It’s not like it’s a bunch of water in the condo they bought, right?

In non-moving news the BBC thinks I think like a girl. I took this series of tests the other day and my results put me in the average female brain. Because of my empathy and my willingness to share I guess. Although that empathy score is pretty awesome because it’s a combination of perfect results on the “being able to tell how someone feels” scale and nigh-sociopathic (my hyperbole) results on the “how good of a shoulder you are to cry on” type stuff. Which seemed about right.

Now this was just some internet quiz thing, but it seemed a step or two above the quality found on Facebook surveys. I’d be interested to see what someone who knows something about psychology might have to say about if the test was anything actually interesting or not. Evidently Holly already goes around describing me as someone who thinks like a girl (thus making me easy to get along with), so I’d like to find out if science actually has her back on this or not.

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