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2010-06-10 - jjackunrau

Today, walking home from work, a child on my block said “Hello!” She’s small and blonde and was wearing a bike helmet in completely unkempt fashion. I said hello back and she scowled at me. As I walked past she regrouped and yelled “What are you doing?” Over my shoulder I called “I’m going home.” My answer only deepened her scowl. I don’t know why she disliked me so.

And yesterday while I was making some tea I looked out into our back lane and saw a ten year old boy pissing on a heap of garbage while his friend waited. A car drove down the lane but he couldn’t stop and just tried to keep his back to the vehicle. Then they ran off.

Last night after I’d left excitement occurred at work. Two boys, who’d been on the computers suddenly got into a fight. Not a fight, a beating. My coworkers tried to hold the beating one back but a rage filled 12 year old can often shake off us bookish folk. So they were kicked out after a lot of swearing. Evidently they’re cousins and the beatee had “stolen” the beater’s PIN for the computers. So there was that.

And then one of the 11 year olds who’s banned from the premises till October came in and wouldn’t leave when my coworkers told her to. And then she was running and yelling and throwing books on the floor and hanging up the phone as our boss phoned the cops. So now we’ve got a security guard to guard us from her wrath.

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