> it had to have been cut and pasted, right?

it had to have been cut and pasted, right?

2007-07-11 - jjackunrau

Have you looked at the comments for my Back to Work post of a couple of weeks ago? Here’s an excerpt from the long one:

Some have been convinced they are clones from early childhood or prior. If it was true the gods prevented this memory FOR A REASON::::: * Because you are NOT supposed to comply, not to be used for evil as are "made guy" brain-less clones, manufactured and turned over frequently as a managerial tactic. * They want to test you without your knowing if you are IN FACT a clone and it is BECAUSE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GOOD::::It is temptation and you are supposed to be good and do the right thing. You're not a clone. This is a tactic they use to deceive the disfavored. The state of your family will suggest level of (dis)favor and tell whether ascension is a realistic possibility; there are many levels of disfavor and the clues they offer to the unaware can be very subtle. ... Of course, as I noted in save, immaculate conception is quite common. Many childless adults, homosexuals and others, do in fact have children. The gods use a host mother for outsider's DNA.

The entire comment is almost 20,000 words long. That’s 78 pages. I copied it into my Research/Random folder for future use. It’s weird in that it looks like spam, like there’d be something buried in there about big dicks or prescription drugs after the intro to defeat the spambots (recent text I liked that was used for that purpose: “very light knew very cold? too burst busy sorry?”) but isn’t trying to sell anything. Just talkin’ bout gods and the doomed generation who’ll all be on ecstasy when the world ends.

And for clarification, my actual “capitalizing in China” was limited to seeing the country and buying a phone.

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