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click the link for what a lifestream is

2008-01-27 - jjackunrau

From Warren Ellis » /consuming

But what good is a lifestream that communicates nothing about what something means? Looking at the picture of the coffee can, and even linking the image to the coffee estate, tells you nothing about what that coffee means to me in the stream of my life. Using the internet to push around basic information in new ways is fun. But it has no meaning without a human context. It’s just lists and bad photographs. That’s not a life. And since I’ve had to write eighteen thousand fucking words here just to properly contextualise a cup of coffee and a bit of chewy meat, I’d like to now declare lifestreaming closed until someone invents the telepathic blogging hat. Not that I’d wear the telepathic blogging hat, because it’d probably look like a robot’s cock nailed to a rusty bucket. But still.

One of the things I’m looking forward to about my trip to China (apart from the fact that I’m leaving this goddamned city) is that I’ve got new notebooks to handle the trip. To contextualize, so I can give you something at the end that isn’t just lists and bad photographs.

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