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2007-03-23 - jjackunrau

I finished the rough draft of the second of my Murakami-esque stories I mentioned last week. It’s called Tar Pit. The second pass through it will either make it much more so, or much less so. It needs a lot of editing but I needed to get everything down once so I can dramatically reshape it afterwards.

I also dug up a story I wrote last year to see if it was any good. And it was much less crap than I remembered it. I did an editing pass and will probably do another this weekend before trying to find a market for a 1500 word story about (maybe)David Lynch consensually assaulting a drifter on the side of a highway. What it needs is for me to decide if it’s going full on explicit in the description or relying on more implication. ‘Cause now it’s in a weird limbo zone that would probably get me kicked out of a church organization if I was affiliated with one, while getting a “Why doesn’t he grow some balls?” reaction from anyone considered ‘edgy’. Not that I need to pick a side forever and ever amen, but the story needs a bit more consistency. This is much less work than I thought it would need though. And I liked reading it, so that’s the main thing, right?

haruki murakami tar pit texas bound