> and if you judge me tonight

and if you judge me tonight

2007-04-13 - jjackunrau

I’m not crying myself to sleep over a certain celebrity death here. Just to make that clear. I’ve long accepted that I’ll never have any real contact with the people who influence me most. All this death thing does is stop anything new from entering the equation. I still have a pile of novels to get through before I’ve exhausted what’s possible to get from him.

I’m forced to compare this with my other favourite atheist author who died experiences. I wasn’t on Facebook or any of these social networking sites at the time, so it was a more solitary thing when CBC Radio announced that Douglas Adams was dead. I wrote in my H2G2 about it and that was all. I never claimed to be his biggest fan, just as much as I could be.

HST was a bit different. There I got emails and clippings sent to me, like people tried to say they knew what I was going through. Or just lamenting. But I didn’t go through anything. It was a life that ended, like all things.

I get that it’s something to talk about and I hope that people will still talk about these dead people after their funerals are over. Because their work is still here and that’s all I could ever hope to have contact with. That’s the point.

The world will produce another one like him again, since he was a unique person. Fuck. You or I could be that too if we tried.

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