> mine was about implausible music thieves

mine was about implausible music thieves

2007-06-15 - jjackunrau

I wrote a short play for this. If you happen to be in Montreal this weekend you might find it interesting. It’s part of their fringe festival.

Come see TJ Dawe perform his new original piece! Then see local and international artists present their take on it! On May 1st, writers around the world created scripts based on a never-before-seen TJ Dawe piece. Scripts were passed in a relay with close to 100 illustrators, animators, actors and musicians. Artists changed the pieces as much as they wanted while working under a time limit. Come see the results of this international, innovative art relay! Pieces will be performed over two nights. TJ Dawe will perform both nights. THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY (two different lineups) June 15-16 at Club Lambi. Doors at 8 (show at 9). Pay what you can. Learn more about the Indyish Assembly at [http://www.indyish.com/events/assembly](http://www.indyish.com/events/assembly)

My contribution isn’t great, but it was my first attempt at the ten-minute drama thing. There’s another festival in Australia I’m going to submit a better play for.

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