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2007-07-06 - jjackunrau

Soon I’ll be leaving for work and then Folk Fest, but before I go, some news: I’ll have a short story called Firing Squad in the upcoming Machine of Death anthology. I just got the email (and the contract) this morning. This is the one that you may remember me mentioning months ago when the editor pointed out that it stopped long before it should have, so I made it what I thought was good. Apparently the editors agreed.

Anyway, I don’t know when the book will be published yet, but I’m sure I’ll give it a mention. It’ll be eminently buyable too, not just some kid churning out pages from his bicycle run photocopier. Speaking of which this guy’s blog about his homemade windmill generator in Malawi is great.

Off to get sunburnt and dehydrated!

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