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nice surprise

2007-07-28 - jjackunrau

I hadn’t realized how much of my little play was written. It’s adapted from a comic I wrote months ago, but I’d already gotten all the panel breakdowns out and set it up to be staged. All I have left is the new opening and closing. This won’t take the whole weekend at all. W00t for me!

And Milt Stegall just broke the TD record. Good for him. (Though I don’t agree with immediate speeches. Afterwards guys. There’s a game to play.)

In fact, since Blogger’s clogging up I finished the play before this post even made it out into the great wide world. It’s for a ten-minute play festival in Australia. They produce 60 plays and there are prizes and stuff. Prizes I won’t win, but prizes nonetheless. It’s fun to fantasize about making rent money off my words. Since no one’s going to give me a goddamned regular paycheque for them. Fucking non-hiring-me-organizations.

It sounds like a party’s happening across the street. Lots of good accents and languages I don’t understand. Possibly just one language I don’t understand.

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