> followed with jeers for the opposite

followed with jeers for the opposite

2007-08-26 - jjackunrau

So this past week I’ve been reworking a story I’d submitted to a magazine. The editor had emailed me and said there was a nugget in there of good stuff but I should go back and rework the story. So I did. I sent in my new version, which I considered to be much better than the original, on Thursday. Friday he emailed back with a “You’re not going to like me for saying this but I liked the first one better. (But still not enough to buy it)” While he makes a good point about the new one feeling a bit forced, I feel like at this point redoing things will just make it even worse.

I’ll email him back tomorrow after working things out with the different versions and his suggestions. Again, nice to have someone reading it and giving some constructive feedback, but shitty that I can’t tell a story right the first time.

I’m having similar issues with my submission for 1234V. Nothing feels good about it. Today I started a new story that’s going slowly but at least is sort of going.

Alison’s birthday was on Thursday and the party was last night. People ate a lot of cherry tomatoes. Kate was in to say goodbye before she leaves for Amerrika. Cheers to people who are good at what they do!

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