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the end of comfort

2007-09-11 - jjackunrau

Is that it?  Are we now entering the cold phase?  Am I going to be wearing sweaters whenever I have to leave the house until April again?

Last week I was dogsitting and changing things around here, as you’ll probably notice.  I migrated over to the WordPress system for a few reasons.  Not the least of which is that I can have extra pages beyond a blog here hosted for free.  I’ll probably hook up a new domain to this site as well.  Get the actual HungryJPropaganda name all done up.  It’s cheap these days for the kind of stuff I want.  Although as you may remember I haven’t paid for the DJS5.com site for a year and a half.  It comes up for renewal in May at which time I’ll move everything off of there.  But for now I’m liking this.  Blogger’s been a pain and a half recently too so there’s that.  And I wanted something different, a bit more cluttered layout wise.

Other things…  I haven’t heard back from the editor for a week on that story I’ve been back and forth with him about.  I did have someone else read it and she seemed to like it.  Sri and Mom had fun at the Grand Canyon.

This weekend I’m heading to Calgary to visit my Jskool buddy Caroline.  She’s pregnant now so I had to squeeze this in before the parasite completely takes over her life.  Oh, and out in California Kate said she’d get me a Wil Wheaton book signed when he’s out doing promotion stuff this month or next.

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