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2007-12-02 - jjackunrau

For someone who tries to think of himself as a writer I sure have problems with the putting of words on the screen. I’m working on the seventh version of a story right now. It’s a story I know. I’m not doing any of the making it upness now, just telling it. Making it read well. I’ve been working on this thing for far too long. I mean seriously, my notes on this thing go back to 2004. And it’s only 5000 words. Or at least it was in its last prose version. Which is gone from my workspace. I’ve got 715 words to show for the last 24 hours of work (which includes lots of non-working time).

The most recent complete version of the story was a short screenplay, which was fun because my descriptions are allowed to be instructional and sketchy (that’s for the director to figure out), but it’s not like it really works as a screenplay. And you need too many people for a screenplay. I can’t even find one person to draw any of my frickin’ comics.

This is the final version though. It’s feeling better. I know the story backwards and forwards and am leaving behind all the “shitty first draft” stuff. When I go back to edit this draft all I want to do is tighten it up, not rewrite it again. I want it to be over. And my feet are cold.

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