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2009-02-09 - jjackunrau

Last night I sat down to try doing one of those “25 random things about me” things that are making the memetic rounds these days (here’s a good one: Twenty-Five things about William Shakespeare). I failed to complete it as once I was almost halfway through I realized how depressing they were. I mean some of them were funny but in a “funny because it’s true and sad” kind of way. The best one from that list (also the one that took the most time to verify): “I have worn a greater variety of hats in the last year than I have worn different pairs of pants in the last 10.”

I decided I didn’t need to subject you to all that emo kid bullshit, so here’s my 25 nouns about me (“about” in the locative sense):

  1. Computer (iMac)
  2. Cat (Sinatra)
  3. Dice (2d6, 1d20)
  4. Bag (Ziploc)
  5. Pen (small green)
  6. Notebook (small Moleskine)
  7. Blanket (red woolen from a defunct airline)
  8. Space Heater
  9. Mug (found on Grant Avenue on a newspaper box)
  10. Cup (carved walnut wood from India, contains markers)
  11. Bowl (with rice dried to the bottom)
  12. Puck (caught at a Jets game in 1988 or 1989)
  13. Baseball (caught at a Goldeyes game in 1998 or 1999)
  14. Swiss Army knife (two blades nonfunctional)
  15. Maps of a chunk of a fictional galaxy
  16. CRT monitor guts
  17. Lego castle (disassembled)
  18. Lego viking fort being attacked by a dragon (assembled)
  19. Robot (red wooden)
  20. Ikon (from church Dostoyevsky went to in St. Petersburg while writing one of his big novels)
  21. Ham (canned)
  22. Ganesh (carved sandalwood)
  23. Soap (stamped with Fight Club logo, still in wrapper)
  24. Ganges water (in an Old Monk bottle)
  25. Hundreds of books
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