“Images which idealize (like most fashion and animal photography) are no less aggressive than work which makes a virtue of plainness (like class pictures, still lifes of the bleaker sort, and mug shots). There is an aggression implicit in every use of the camera.” On Photography - Susan Sontag I take pictures of my kid every day almost. He’s young; this kind of behaviour is expected. I do it now because when he ages into being able to give consent he might not want me to.

edmonton and legends of exile

The smoke from wildfires has been darkening our skies in Edmonton, and I realized when biking between the flames of the Suncor refineries that the grim brown greyness, the miasma of grit, this is what it feels like to live in Edmonton compared to Nanaimo. It isn’t always so externalized but even on the days when the sky is clear this is a foul place to be exiled. I’m reading The Silmarillion these days and I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know about Tolkien’s elves.

heading east for sunsets and seasons

In followup to the last post, yes, I did enjoy Nanaimo more than Campbell River. But now it’s time to be moving again. My partner and I are headed to Edmonton to start new jobs on November 7th. It’s a return to the prairies for me and I think I’ll like it better than I did when last I lived in Winnipeg. I’ve spent most of my 30s out on the west coast and I do like the mildness of the winters here.


Tomorrow I finish my month-long move down to Nanaimo for my new job. By this time next week though, I’ll be on vacation. I hope I like Nanaimo better than Campbell River. I feel kind of bad for not liking it here. There are some very nice people in this town, but nothing ever really clicked for me. I will miss the folks from Coho Books. In Nanaimo there are comic & game shops I’ll be able to bike to.