In my first cyclocross race I was riding around afterwards and hit a pothole in Strathcona Science Park whacking my right ankle on my pedal and gouging a chunk out of it.

Training for my 2023 cx season I slipped my right foot and gouged my ankle on my big ring. This one probably could have used stitches.

Half a week before entering the Hop n Hurl race I was cruising downhill to Capilano Park for some good cx practice. The offroad downhill goes into Rundle park and is called get ready to rundle on TrailForks. I was descending on the hoods, not in the drops and I guess my weight wasn’t far enough back so when I hit the hard rut and my front wheel turned I went over the bars. I didn’t hit my head but got my knees, hip, wrist and ribs.

It sucked so much, but the scrapes probably won’t scar up too badly. My shifter was a bit loose but I could keep going. The big problem was that my front tire burped and was losing air. I didn’t get it seated properly and tried to continue my ride and then crashed again. Pain was everywhere so I headed home.