I’m riding my bike again. It’s been a few months off dealing with some other issues, but I’m making my legs go ‘round in circles again. The big difference compared with last winter is that I’m riding indoors.

I got a Wahoo smart trainer in fall when the cyclocross season was getting smoked out and it was dangerous to go outside and breathe heavily. It was heavily on sale because it isn’t a full-on smart trainer that replaces your rear wheel and has a computer out front built in. It’s the kind that rolls against your rear tire1.

It is “smart” though. It connects to my Garmin and my heart rate armband and it makes things go harder or easier as the workout demands. Right now as I’m just getting used to doing it regularly I don’t have a firm idea of what I like or don’t like about it2. I am probably going to listen to a lot more podcasts.

All that said, I’m looking forward to taking my singlespeed winter bike out through the river valley for a couple of hours tomorrow. That feels a bit more like real biking.

  1. a “wheel-on trainer” is the correct designation I think. ↩︎

  2. That’s not true. I don’t like that I have had to replace a couple of tubes due to popping them from the high pressure I’m supposed to use. I don’t like putting the (cheap) indoor tire on my wheel, and I don’t like my poor pretty titanium bike not being out free on the road. ↩︎