“The Real Diehl” Cyclocross

Peloton’s first CX race they’ve put on. Swag included a UCI tire checker.



Expert Men

  1. Scott DESMARAIS
  2. Spencer POOTZ
  3. Larix HALLETT1

Novice Men

  1. Joel DYCK
  2. William LEMIEUX
  3. Douglas GRAY

Open Men

  1. Andrew DAVIDSON
  2. Shawn BUNNIN
  3. Mark KNOLL

Open Women

  1. Pepper HARLTON
  2. Kelsey DUFFIELD
  3. Nico KNOLL

Sport Men

  1. Nigel BAINES
  2. Robert MARTENS
  3. Garth STOTTS

Sport Women

  1. Alina CUSTODIO
  2. Hazel ROBERTS
  3. Elané FERGUSON

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  1. On checking his results it appears Hallett is a really good CX racer. The day before at Deadgoat SuperCross, Larix was racing in Sport Men, which he won. In 2022 he was an Under-17 rider where he won 2 Novice class races and got bumped up to Sport, where he won in his fourth race entered. He hasn’t finished out of the top 5 in an ABA race since 2019. ↩︎