I missed out on writing this up at the end of the 2023 CX season, and now that 2024 has come around, I don’t have a bunch of the data I like to put in these race writeups. Nonetheless, here’s what I can find (thankfully I did do my CrossResults upload back when the race happened).



Expert Men

  1. Adam ROBERTS
  2. Brendan CARDIFF1
  3. Jason PROCHE

Novice Men

  1. Cor SINKE
  2. William KINDZIERSKI
  3. Arun WARD

Open Men

  1. Mark FAGNAN
  2. Andrew DAVIDSON
  3. Scott DESMARAIS

Open Women

  1. Francesca SEAL
  2. Susanne MCARTHUR
  3. Quinn FLATER

Sport Men

  1. Josh BARKER
  2. Sean SWEENEY
  3. Carl MILLER

Sport Women

  1. Kathryn SWEENEY
  2. Hazel ROBERTS
  3. Madeline MAGLEO

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