Tubs on Tubs Supercalifragilisticexpialidocius Prestige was the race that was going to open up the 2023 ABA CX season. And it did for the Novice Men, Sport Men and Sport Women categories, but sadly, the AQHI hit 11 and the afternoon races had to be cancelled (along with the next day’s entire Velocity CX Race).

But I got my race in, and it was really fun! I was fighting for a good position at the beginning and because I was pushing too hard on the off-camber turns, I wiped out a bit in the long grass. Then coming out of the big downhill I cut the corner a little too close and got caught up in the course tape, which cost me time.

My practice with the stairs came in handy because I didn’t lose any time climbing up behind people and then had the chance to pass some racers while they were recovering afterwards. It took about a lap and a half before I caught up with the 12-year-old who I followed a bunch at races last year. The two of us kept up with each other pretty much through the next three laps. I had an opportunity in the last lap when he had trouble clipping in at the top of the stairs, but I couldn’t put enough power down to lose him. I followed him through the twists and turns and in the end I came in eighth (on the ridiculously wide podium)!

Justin chasing down seventh place1

I had such a great time at this race, probably because it wasn’t too tough and the weather was nice and pleasant (before the smoke rolled in). I was signed up for the race the next day and doing this one just made me more itchy to ride more.

I’d been really excited to possibly watch the later races, especially the Open Women category where Sidney McGill was going to be riding, but it wasn’t to be. Since the world is on fire.



Sport Women

  1. Juliette VERSAILLES
  2. Ashley YIP
  3. Shannon GORDON

Sport Men

  1. Mckenzie SANFORD
  2. Jacob PLAYFAIR
  3. Kyle BUCHANAN

Novice Men

  1. Jack PURDY
  2. Quinten MACKLEM
  3. Jett FENTON

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  1. Me chasing down 7th place. Photo by Sarah Beauchamp. ↩︎