I had hoped to do more racing this year, but it turned out that four was what I could handle with my work and other life commitments. So the second day of Baby Walter Cross was my season closer.

In the Leaves Defending 12th - photo by Stewart “The Legend” Hutchings1

The course this year went the opposite direction of 2022 which I think I preferred. The climbing of the stupid hill was still tough, but the descents weren’t terrifying and we got to skip the runup in favour of a singletrack descent (with roots that were highlighted but you needed to dodge).

I was never really in the mix on this one, pretty sure I was defending 24th after taking my descents too cautiously. I did manage to avoid being lapped (by like 10 seconds) so I could do my final lap in peace and enjoyment. Of course that was when I tossed my chain into my spokes on the long grindy climb and had to spend a couple of minutes getting it out.

But even then I was having fun. Riding between the tape has been the happiest I’ve been this year



Expert Men

  1. Ethan MCGHAN
  2. Bredy SHEARS
  3. Randy PERRY

Novice Men

  3. William KINDZIERSKI

Open Men

  1. Ryan MACLEAN
  3. Larix HALLETT

Open Women

  1. Francesca SEAL
  2. Pepper HARLTON
  3. Annie SCOTT

Sport Men

  1. Colin WEIR CHABA
  2. Quinten MACKLEM
  3. Josh BARKER

Sport Women

  1. Kristin BAKER
  2. Madeline MAGLEO
  3. Jen ASHTON

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  1. In the Leaves Defending 12th - photo by Stewart “The Legend” Hutchings ↩︎