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the sky was blue and the birds sang pretty

Last night Jamie’s four-day Trivia Blitz ended with our team (team name: Neal and the Unemployed Librarians) answering the most questions correctly and thus receiving a pitcher of beer. We missed out on the $50 gift certificate because of the way that prize is randomly allocated. Selah. The real challenge of the evening was paying the bill. After everyone had paid, many with cards, some with cash, the manager came back and said we were $10 short. Careful examination of his copy of the bill and the receipts the people with cards had gotten showed consistent discrepancies. There was a slight argument over what those discrepancies meant, but Alex did a fine job of resolving it in the end, making him the Applied Knowledge champion.

Today was 420 day and there was a huge event on the steps of the art gallery. So much selling of weed and weed-food. With banners advertising prices and varieties and such. It was odd seeing it all so concentratedly open. There were biker-types and hippies and a bunch of high-school students wearing Portland NBA hats. After I realized stuff was happening, walking around downtown was fun. It was easy to spot people who were obviously going to the square, but it was more fun to watch people avoiding the 420ers.

Digital Orca

I’d gotten some books from the library so I went down to the harbour to read comics in the sun. I hadn’t been to the square where the Olympic cauldron before, and though I’d seen the Digital Orca from a distance today was the first time I got up close. It was made by Douglas Coupland. Maybe if I’d paid better attention to the Olympics I’d have known that already, but there’s a handy plaque I read it from.

Tomorrow I’ll head up to the North Shore Writers Festival to blog it up. We had a meeting yesterday and it is not as intense as it might have been. It’ll be a longish day, but fun. There will be wine and cheese I was told to eat a lot of. I plan to comply.

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all these events – i feel so social and poor

Post-school life is starting to come together (though I kind of need a job). I mean, I have classes coming up again in May, but now that all my friends have graduated it kind of feels like I have too. I’ve also gotten to play a new game and go to a conference and be part of Jamie’s four-night trivia blitz.

For a research project I’m working on I got to interview a former National Librarian of Canada last week, and she was adamant that going to conferences without having a job to do is pointless. I think that makes sense. This Saturday I’m going to be doing some liveblogging for the North Shore Writers Festival, which should be fun. I’m going to be a convenor for the BC Library Conference in the middle of May and I’m volunteering at VanCAF. I mean, I had fun wandering around at Emerald City, but I do like having something to do.

Also, when Sean comes to town in June the Vancouver Canadians will be playing. It works out that we’ll be able to go to a baseball game in the afternoon and then the Bombers-Lions CFL season opener in the evening.

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march is not a terrible month

It was my birthday last week though I didn’t do anything special for it. Earlier in the week I went to see Fred Penner perform at UBC. I went with library school classmates and afterwards Jamie and Nicholle got him to sign their ukeleles. I didn’t join in the picture taking because I’ve seen Fred Penner in enough situations over the years where he’s just another guy (high school, Quinzmas, church) that treating him like a celebrity seemed weird.

Getting close to being done my homework for the term. My best assignment is undoubtedly my book trailer (see above) but I’ve had a few other things to finish as well. I saw a sentence on my Twitterfeed the other day saying “If you aren’t doing something you love, you’re wasting your time” In no way did I feel I was wasting my time making that video. The rest of my homework is not quite so inspiring.

I’ve applied for a job in New York to be a librarian at DC Comics, which would be crazy neat. It’d be a special library where I’d help research the first appearance of minor characters and do interlibrary loans with the studios in Burbank. It’d be a bit different from being a teen librarian but it’d be all sorts of cool. Probably won’t get it, but would have kicked myself for ages if I hadn’t applied.

And it gave me a reason to talk to people at the comic publisher booths when Jamie and I head down to Emerald City Comic Con in a couple of weeks. I wonder what kind of library a place like Oni or Dark Horse has, and how they get used. I’m the kind of person who can’t just go up to people and start talking, but having a real question I’d like to answer will be a way to kick myself into it.

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wrong and right cheeses

When I went grocery shopping the other day, I went to the Safeway that’s a bit longer walk from the apartment but has better prices than the Urban Fare that’s closer. I bought cheese and agonized over green peppers and generally did my usual grocery shopping shtick which involves dealing with being overwhelmed by choice. I bought a brick of cheddar cheese to go with my various things cheese can accompany (grains tomatoes and apples).

When I returned home and made food that used the cheese I discovered to my horror that it was *light* cheese. I don’t know why that is even a thing that exists. I mean, I know it exists because it can be exchanged for money which can be exchanged for the essentials and luxuries of life, but it is such a sad and terrible thing to have in my fridge, all doughy and bland. I will eat it without joy. Le sigh.

But the much better cheese anecdote of the week is that on Tuesday Jamie and Jessie and Trev and I participated in the Cheshire Cheese Inn’s Trivia night and we won. We won despite coming in second or third in each of the rounds, but they have a system where the higher you place, the more cheese shaped ballots you get to put in the draw for the prize at the end of the night (if you’ve played Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot it’s the same sort of endgame).

I was disappointed in our play in general. I took us down bad rabbit holes, second-guessing a number of things that would have been fine if we hadn’t overthought it. This one was a much more general knowledge kind of trivia night than the last one I participated in (which was almost entirely library school students and seemed much trickier). But I was on the winning team each time so I am obviously just lucky and skilled enough I should do this more often.

Before coming to Vancouver, my only knowledge of trivia nights was from that episode of The Office (UK). I had no idea they were a thing outside of Britain, but supposedly they’ve been popping up all over this town. I will be going to another, probably better, one next week.

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travel days ahead

I’m heading off to scenic Gippsland, Victoria tomorrow for some Koha training. I was talking to Sean the other day about how weird small businesses are. I mean, these librarians are paying for me to go out and teach them about this software I’ve only been using since April. I feel like at a lot of places I’d have needed more training than I have had (which is actually pretty extensive since I’m helping people with their Koha problems all day). Whatever works, I guess. And it means I get to see more of Oz while I’m here.

I’ve been pretty bad about going out to see stuff recently. A lot of hunkering down here in front of the internet. My friend Jamie is off to do his practicum in London (the real one) and got scolded by another of our classmates for solving internet puzzles while he’s supposed to be on vacation. But dude, I completely get that. I’ve been spending far too much time planning out Blood Bowl teams (speaking of which, I found an unofficial Blood Bowl client for playing online which almost works completely well apart from me not being able to simply stand up prone players – let me know if you’re interested in playing).

Of course, a week from today all of that will change since that’s when Holly arrives from China. I’ll engage in a tiny bit of understatement to say I’m looking forward to being in the same city as her, especially without an end-date.

Finally, if you miss my voice, you can now listen to me read Firing Squad, my Machine of Death story whenever you want. Though the magic of reading (and recording) it’s my voice without my innumerable hesitations, filler words and false starts that litter my real speech pattern, so it’s probably more pleasurable in every possible way. You can pump that story through your speakers and pity the poor shmucks who have to deal with me speaking without a script at them.

Like the librarians in Gippsdale next week.

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